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What makes our olive and extra virgin olive oil “Koroneiki” be different from dozens of other varieties of olives and elevate their quality at the highest levels, is the unique growing method is applied here in our mill. Unlike many other crops, there is no artificial irrigation and trees pruned intensively once a year, mediating the volume of the branches to keep trees small.


Our philosophy is the restoration of the authentic - luxury products as well as the individualization of quality standarts that correspond to the highest demands of the international market. We are consious of having a wide range of high quality wines such as Cabernet - Merlot - Bordaux - from France - Greece - Moldova.


After you arrive Greece you will try traditional Greek food and, thus, immerse yourself in what doctors say to be the key to a long and healthy life: the best quality mediterranean diet! That has as base the extra virgin olive oil and wine!


We have our team that specialises on market demands and customer needs. For this purpose we improve our packaging and products in total for better feeling of our customers. In addition with our great quality olive oil and wine make our factory number one!


The complex character of a great wine vests in importance to the whole, to the unique moment that generate it, to the relationship between the different phases of th eprocess which contribute to outline it's personality. Our vineyard is the first step to this path.

It is a place where man's care and dedication contribute to the safeguarding of natural resources.


You can visit us any day of the year. The best period is from November to January that we harvest our tees and product the best quality extra virgin olive oil around the world. The Kalamata PDO extra virgin olive oil.


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