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Best flavor and quality extra virgin olive oil is our family affair. Greet our family Diamandino . Diamandino family, as in every family there are strong ties. With the same care, we embrace your family. Faithful to a tradition that years passed from generation to generation, we provide you high quality extra virgin olive oil with the utmost delight taste. And we will continue for you and your family..

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our award-winning organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Diamandino not pass any filtering process and thus could be described as ... 100% best quality natural olive juice!
Organic extra virgin olive oil comes from our best varieties of olives. Our quality olives are picked one by one, by hand, directly from the tree and squeezed on the spot by first cold pressing.
By this way it keeps unaltered the excellent quality and highlights the best fruity taste and green golden color, which makes Diamandino the best organic extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Soaps made of Organic Olive oil

Best quality soaps and shampoo made of Organic Olive oil

What is important for our soaps is to be pure and natural.
We use the best organic olive oil, herbs, nuts and essential oils for their production. We never use heating to produce our best organic olive oil soaps and shampoo products so all the nutrients of the raw materials remain in the soap. The entire production process and packaging is hand made by us!
Reasons why our organic olive oil soaps and shampoo are different.
First of all we just feel good when using them. If you compare our best quality olive oil soaps and shampoo with the mass production kinds it is like eating at fast food while you can eat in the best restaurant.

In mass-produced soaps are commonly used synthetic materials, even if some they use natural ingredients, the proportions are too small. They are attractive in presentation but insignificant as a product, like we say outside beautiful - inside awful.

We want best organic olive oil soap and shampoo that is best for cleaning, soothing as well best for our skin with no substances in it.  The best quality olive oil soap that can be used by our children without causing itching, eczema, dry skin and other skin complaints.
We are sure that after you use our Diamandino olive oil soaps and shampoo you will not settle for anything less again. Anything less than pure and natural is simply not good enough for us and will not compromise.



"Voted best extra virgin olive oil in Wolrd for three years running"

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