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Your royal life is our mission. Enjoy our premium wines and feel the great taste that god send us to our life! Enjoy this great red and white wines anytime along with your beloved people!

•Cabernet red semisweet is a sweet, easy drinking red wine made from pure Cabernet-
Sauvignon grapes. It is luscious and full of flavor.
•Merlot red semisweet is a sweet, fruity red wine with a bit of natural sugar. It is for those
who prefer something a little sweeter but flavorful and refreshing.
•Pinot Franc red semisweet is an elegant ruby colored wine. Full, harmonious, fresh taste

with tones of grape skin and barmy cherry. Best served to poultry meals and light vegetable
salads without spices. .

•Sauvignon semi sweet is a fruity medium body white wine with just a hint of sweetness.
It is a wonderful picnic wine..



406 hectares (1000 acres) of various
grapes located 7km from our winery
allowing for a short transportation
time, keeping the grape fresh for

Two primary methods of storage of post-production


1. Barrel Aging in French, American and Hungarian 225L oak barrels.

2. Stainless steel tanks



Because we are first consumers and after that producers we always try to serve the best quality to you!

Our wines are along with the top quality wines around the world.

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